Why use Jack* Australian Made Haircare products?

Why is Jack* Matte Clay Paste better than other hair products?

Before we created the Matte Clay Paste with the best hair product developers in Australia, we sat down and asked ourselves, what do men and women with short hair want? It was pretty easy to work out. Most people just just want a product that works and that isn’t too complicated. Simple and effective.
• Designed by a second generation Hairdresser with almost 30 years industry experience.
• Australian made, including the jar
• It won’t dry your hair out
• It smells amazing
• It’s not tested on animals, only on clients.
• Gives your hair volume and hold
• Simple and effective
• It’s just bloody great.

What is your Styling Pomade?

Jack the Snipper’s Styling Pomade is a modern day take on traditional hair styling pomades. Our aim was to create a staple product that was akin to pomades on the market but with a few key differences.
• Water soluble. No degreaser necessary, our creme rinses straight out.
• Clear, consistent formula
• A stronger, longer lasting hold.
• Effortless application on dry or damp hair.
• Australian made and owned

Does the Matte Clay Paste wash out?

Unlike other Pomades on the market, our Matte Clay Paste is super easy to get out. All you have to do is rinse with water, no washing required. You don’t really even need to shampoo. Traditional pomades can be notoriously difficult to get out of you hair but with Jack* Matte Clay Paste, it’s a breeze.

How should I apply the Matte Clay Paste?

Don’t be shy, use a generous amount. One or two fingers, depending on thickness and length of your hair. 

Is Jack* Matte Clay Paste healthy for my hair?

Our Matte Clay Paste will give a strong hold and low shine hair product for both men and women. Perfect in hot and humid conditions. Our Unisex matte finish Clay is lightweight, giving a natural look to all types of hair without looking greasy. It will keep your hair in place and allow the flexibility to create different styles throughout the day.

With a strong hold and non-reflective finish, your hair will style and sit consistently with ease. Water dispersible to make rinsing out after a long day, simple.

Great on short textured styles, whether you wear a casual hairstyle or each lock of hair has it's place.


I have thick hair, would this be the right product for me?

We describe the Matte Clay Paste as the perfect all-rounder, this is because it will work in both fine and thick hair. If your hair is on the thicker side, we suggest that you just use a little extra. A handy tip is to dampen the hair slightly before applying, not only will this make application effortless, it will dry more firm*.

*firm = will hold the hair in place. It won’t make it crunchy or hard.

Is this water based or oil based?

Jack* Matte Clay Paste is water dispersible, so it’s super easy to rinse out.

Will Jack* Matte Clay Paste make my hair look greasy if I don’t like to shampoo it everyday?

The Matte Clay Paste will give your hair that perfect shine and it is water dispersible, so you can just rinse it out at the end of the day. No shampoo required.

How long does national shipping take?

We know you are excited to get your hands on our gear but please keep this in mind. Please allow between 2-8 days for your parcel to arrive. Delivery time is dependant on which city or town you live in, whether you are inner-city or regional. 
As a general rule, you will receive parcels from Jack the Snipper / Jack Haircare via the Express Australia Post service. This service has tracking and requires a signature on delivery, to ensure your parcel arrives with you safely. If you are unable to receive and sign, Australia Post will leave a calling card for you to present at designated Post Office for pickup.

How long does international shipping take?

Depending on where you are in the world, shipping on international parcels will take between 5-15 days. All parcels will be sent via Pack and Track International, which will provide a tracking number so you can keep an eye on the progress.

I can't find pomade 3 packs / 5 packs, do you have these?

Nope. We made our products even more affordable so we no longer need to offer bulk discounts. 

I am within driving distance of Byron Bay, can I just stop by your HQ and pick up my package?

Of course. You can email us on care@jackthesnipper.com with your order (to make sure we have stock on hand) and we will put it aside for you. Please note: Credit Card facility available.

How do I use Jack* Matte Clay Paste?

Apply to dry or towel-dried hair. With one or two fingers, depending on thickness of your hair (use more for thick hair and a little less for fine hair). Scoop out desired amount and rub it quickly and evenly over your hands. Skim over the hair lightly to begin with, to ensure even distribution of product. Then go back over and spread through the hair until there is not product left on your hands. This will prevent getting too much product in just one section of hair. Once you have applied your product in the chosen manner, run a comb or brush through your locks and voila! You are complete.

Does it contain any Silicone?

No, there is no Silicone in our products. To add to the list of nasties that you won’t find in our haircare products… there are no Parabens, Sulphates (SLS) or Phosphates. And we know that this wasn't part of the question but we’ll tell you anyway. We don’t test our products on animals, unless you count the men that come into our Barber shop and we are  Vegan Friendly and 100% made in Australia.

What does it smell like?

The scent is very important. It's what helps conjure memories, like in the Barber shops of old. Jack's signature scent is distinctive. Woody, sweet, spicy and original.
The youngsters say "spicy vanilla" and the older fella's smell something comforting and familiar. 

Can girls use Jack* products too?

Of course they can use them, all our products are unisex. If they have a short haircut then great, they' most likely know the drill. And for Long hair we offer a plethora of products, including Moisture locking Shampoo and Conditioner for beautiful hair. Use the Leave-in Hair Repair Conditioner to prevent dryness. Or alternatively our Argan Serum is super popular, use a small amount all over hands and smooth down the hair from root to tip. This will prevent flyaway hair and give a glistening shine.