What is the best product for short hair?

Do you have short hair? Are you struggling to find the best hair product for your short hairstyle?

Jack* has the answer for you. We offer a selection of mens and womens hair styling products for short hair. We make our Unisex products in Australia with only the highest quality ingredients and best of all they are water-based, which means they rinse out, with no shampooing required.


If you are looking for strong hold mens or womens hair styling product, our Matte Clay Paste is the one to buy. It is a multi-purpose hair product, similar to products like Baxter's Clay Pomade but easily washes out with water and is nice and smooth. No grit. Super easy application, this hair Creme is soft and pliable. You can create many different looks, depending on the way you wish to style your short hair.

So many different styles: short spiky hair, textured crop, textured layers, quiffs, pomps, mohawks, add volume, slick it to the side with a side part, keep it tidy with a short back & sides. Whatever the look you are going for, you can create the best version of your hair with the Matte Clay Paste by Jack. (previously Jack the Snipper's Original Matte Creme)


If you like your short hair styled into a slick back or side part and you prefer if to set hard and not move all day, then Jack* Styling Pomade is the way to go. Apply a generous amount into towel-dried hair and then use your comb to find your part. Slick your hair into place and you are done! Not a hair out of place.


Style it with Jack* Sea Salt Spray. This wonderful hair product is perfect to give your hair that healthy glow. With a minimal shine, this bottle of Aussie Sea Salt Spray will be your best mate. Such a versatile hair product, you will never want to leave home without it. Infused with minerals and Amino Acids you'l have plenty of volume and texture.