Is Clay Molding Paste similar to Styling Creme?

If I like Styling Paste and Molding paste, will I like Jack's hair Styling Creme?

We remember the early days, back before Jack the Snipper mens hair products were a twinkle in our proverbial eye, when men's hair products and styling pastes were so good, and such high quality that we never though once about creating our own mens haircare brand. We used to use hair Fiber and hair Clay Molding Paste on our barber shop clients and they were happy. We were happy. Practically everyone was happy.

Slowly, the quality we were used to seeing in these products we used in our shop starting to go downhill as things got outsourced, companies got sold off and times started changing. We decided it was time to starting testing our our own brand of Aussie made hair styling products. High quality mens hair products that actually work and do the job. No compromise.


You want a good hair paste? Our Styling Creme is such an all-round amazing hair product, no kidding. You can apply to damp hair and slick it back or off to the side for dapper styles or you can apply into short dry hair to create texture and add moisture. You can even use it on longer hair to stop flyaways, fluffy hair and give your hair a lovely sheen, making it look super healthy.

Do you want a change from your regular moulding paste or hair styling paste? Try Jack's Original Styling Creme. 

Once you go Jack, you'll never go back.

This is your hair product.