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What is the best styling product for my hair?

Life wasn’t meant to be complicated and your hairstyling products should be the least of your worries. So let the team at Jack the Snipper Australia help you.

Your regime for getting ready in the morning or even sprucing up for a night on the town, should be simple and quick. Leaving you with more time for fun and play with those you love or loathe (depending on what your into)

So, how easy is it to use Jack the Snipper’s hair styling products, really? Check out the photo’s below:

We have used Jack the Snipper’s three hair styling products in exactly the same haircut, so you can see the different results with your own eyes.

Original Styling Creme | One of our popular men’s hair products, the Original Styling Creme has a medium hold with a shine finish. It’s super easy to apply and rinses right out. No fuss.

This styling cream is flexible and works in a plethora of mens hairstyles. You can comb off to the side with a part, or leave it tousled and casual.

A small amount through the ends of longer mens hairstyles will give you hair a healthy looking sheen and is non-drying so it won’t dry your hair out.

Original Matte Creme | Our current best selling hair product is the Original Matte Creme, such an amazing matte hair product. It has a strong, fast hold and is easily applied to damp hair. You can allow the hair to dry naturally or blow dry the roots to create volume or fullness in your hairstyle.

This is a great product for men who enjoy a matte finish and have used clay products in the past but find them hard to work with.

One of the key things about this matte hair product is that is washes right out. It’s water dispersible, so doesn’t require shampoo to remove. Save time and keep you hair healthy, as over-washing can cause oily scalp and brittle hair.

Original Styling Pomade | If you have fine hair, like a hard setting finish or have a hard time taming your mane, you’ll love our water based Original Styling Pomade.

Pictured on the right, this hair Pomade for men is for dapper gentlemen who like to apply and go, without worrying about a pesky hair out of place.

Rest assured your hair stay perfectly styled all day and night. apply our Pomade into damp or towel dried hair and comb into place. Then you’re good to go!

And the great news is you are supporting Australian industries, Jack the Snipper products are Australian made and Owned.

So, there you have it, use one or use them all. You won’t be disappointed.

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