Recent interview: Rugged, yet smooth

Recent interview: Rugged, yet smooth

We loved our recent chat with the guys over Here’s what went on.

If you get a chance to head over and check out their website where they “look to help the everyday chap look and feel their best, and feel comfortable in their own skin”.


Tell us about how Jack the Snipper started?  

Jack the Snipper’s founder, Paul Macnamara is the son of a Barber, he practically grew up with a pair of scissors in his hands, so he knows a thing or two about blokes. After working with many products over the years, Paul was inspired to create Jack the Snipper, a brand that reflects men across the board and their individual hair styling needs, shine or matte finish, medium or strong hold, think or fine hair. Guys like things to be simple and effective and that is the basis of our products. Not only that, they are of the highest quality and are made right here in Australia.

Jack the Snipper was born out of our Byron Bay Barber Shop. It was an evolvement of necessity and passion, Byron Bay needed a great Barber Shop and in turn, we needed great products to use on our clients. Paul, who has been in the industry for 25 years, started the Barber shop in 2012 in the industrial area of Byron Bay, which is now home to many well-known Australian and International brands. It has grown into a Byron Bay institution, the shop has grown from one Barber chair to three chairs and they have a range of Three Styling Products and a Beard Oil which they sell online and wholesale


Advice on how to use Pomades? What is the difference between Pomades and regular Styling products? 

Pomade is very popular in the men’s Grooming and Barbering industry but it has been around for many years. Originally, Pomade was made from animal fats and was almost impossible to remove without a detergent. Modern day Pomades are much more user friendly. Ours is water-based, so with a dash of water you can re-comb and set back into place or just rinse it out.

It’s hard to tell you an exact difference between ‘regular styling products’ and Pomade if we don’t have a point of reference but we can say that looking for Styling products that are water soluble or water dispersible, like Jack the Snipper products, is the way forward. Not only do they apply effortlessly and protect the scalp, they also just rinse out. Which makes them easy to use and you don’t have to shampoo your hair every time you want to wash your product out. Shampooing your hair everyday strips the hair of natural oils and can also lead to tricking the body into over-producing oil, resulting in oily, lank hair.

All Jack the Snipper products are Sulphate, Phosphate and Paraben free. Less “nasties” in the jar = less “nasties” on your scalp.

Pomade (and our other two styling products, Styling Creme and Matte Creme) can be applied into damp or almost dry hair, depending on the look you are going for. As a general rule, if you want the slick, wet look applying into damp hair is best and then comb to finish. The stronger the hold you desire; the more product you should apply. A lot of men make the mistake of not using enough product, don’t be shy with it.


Where do you think the Men’s Grooming market is going in Australia? What should we look out for?

Men can be a bit slower on the uptake than the fast paced woman hair and grooming industry, having said that Men’s Grooming is on the up all over the world, and Australia is not shy. It’s a rapidly expanding market here and as the demand rises, the more brands we see popping up.

Health and well-being is probably the biggest boom we will see in Male Grooming, as our hair, skin and scalp is a direct reflection of our internal health. Over time we believe that the trend will lean towards men becoming more conscious as to what the put on their hair and skin, so a move towards more organic and natural products will be prevalent.

People everywhere, men included, are starting to think about where their products are made and what goes into them, so we might see a raised interest in where the products are made and whether there is authenticity behind those brands they are buying or if they are just multi-nationals and full of chemicals.

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