voyeur magazine virgin australia inflight magazine features jack the snipper original styling hair cream product

Jack the Snipper soars high with Virgin Australia Magazine.

Australian men's grooming brands are taking the nation and the world by storm. 

Nathan Jancauskas, owner of Men’s Biz Melbourne, an online and physical store in Royal Arcade, speaks with Virgin Australia’s Voyeur magazine about Australian brand Jack the Snipper in Byron Bay.

Here's what he had to say: 

Byron Bay’s Jack the Snipper produces just one hair styling range for men but it’s a bloody good one.

Australian brands do well both locally and internationally because they leverage our national image of being clean, natural and even a little exotic.

In the past, most of the best products have come from overseas. Brands like Geo.F.Trumper and Taylor of Old Bond St have been refining shave creams for over a century. However, we’re seeing some Australian brands start to take off.

Instead of trying to be all things to all men, many brands are turning well-coiffed heads on a global scale by specialising in certain type of product.

We are just chuffed to be featured by Virgin Australia's Voyeur Magazine, we look forward to flying with you again soon. 


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