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How to nail the side part | GQ Australia

We questioned Byron Bay's Jack the Snipper on everything you need to know about owning the classic hairstyle.  

If a side-part beckons, congratulations. You will not find a more classic or elegant hairstyle and the modern incarnations are a world away from the slicked down versions you had to wear in your primary school photos.

Unless of course that’s the look you’re going for. Whatever your chosen outcome, we hit up the uber stylists at Byron Bay’s Jack The Snipper on owning it.


GQ Australia: What’s the best side part for your face shape?

Jack the Snipper: 

  1. Round face: ask for a defined angular finish in the edging. Keep the part close to the temple to create some height on top.
  2. Heart/triangle face: Ensure the taper or fade isn’t too high. Keep it low and tight. If it’s too high it will accentuate the length of face/jaw.
  3. Square/oval face: You can get away with anything. To soften your look, you will want to have some texture coming onto the face.
  4. Oblong face: Steer clear of volume on top here. Keep the hairstyle with similar proportions all over, the sides should not be too much shorter than the top or your face will look longer.


GQ: How do you brief your stylist?

Jack the Snipper: 

  1. Start with what you don’t want: Everyone’s understanding of hairstyles can be different. Maybe have a photo of what you do want but also find something that you don’t.
  2. Tell them your profession: If you are a lawyer for example, you will most likely not be opting for a razor part, you would just be looking for a more natural part.
  3. Let them know your habits when using products: Be honest. Do you prefer matte, natural look? A shine finish or a sleek, perfectly combed look? Do you buy products and then let them sit on your shelf? Your stylist will need to factor all of these things into the haircut they are giving you.
  4. Natural part vs Unnatural Part: Ask your stylist/barber if it’s best to work with the natural parting of your hair. If so, ask them to demonstrate how to find it. Generally speaking a natural part, which is the way in which your hair naturally falls, will need less or no product to stay in place. Whereas an Unnatural Part will definitely need a scoop of styling product to stay in place.


GQ: How often should you get it trimmed?

Jack the Snipper: This will depend on your side part style and how sharp you want the finish.

A side part on a traditional short back and sides can be every two to four weeks.

If you have a razor part, you might want to get this retouched every week. Slightly longer styles can be every six weeks or so.


GQ: How do you re-create the look at home?

Jack the Snipper: Ask your stylist for a quick 30 second lesson.

If this includes using styling products or tools, ask for a demo on which product is best for your requirements, how much product to use and the easiest approach to applying and styling.

The best way to recreate your style at home every day, is to have the correct styling products and tools (brush, comb, hairdryer), as recommended by your stylist. This will depend on the style you have chosen, how well you briefed your stylist and how well they executed your haircut.


GQ: Products required?

Jack the Snipper: The very first tool you’ll need is a good comb or brush. For styling side parts we use Denman brushes or a fine tooth comb. The product you will need is dependent on the finish that you desire.

Remember that most products work best on clean hair and can be applied into damp or dry hair.

  • For a slick side part and for somebody who doesn’t run their hands through their hair all day, Jack’s Water-based Pomade is the go. With a hard setting finish, your hair will stay perfectly in side-part heaven.
  • For those who like a little flexibility, Jack’s Styling Creme adds shine and conditions, while allowing for movement if desired.
  • For a more natural finish use a soft clay-like product with no shine. Jack’s Matte Creme is easy to apply and will part the most difficult hair and will add volume to fine hair.

Jack The Snipper products are now available online


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