Hey Gent's feature Jack*

Hey Gent's feature Jack*

Get To Know: Australian Hair Care Brands

Looking to shake up your hair care routine? Let us help. The Australian grooming scene is booming, with a whole bunch of brands and companies creating products geared towards guys. Get to know some of them with a round-up of our top Australian hair care brands…

Paul Macnamara, the guy behind Jack The Snipper, spent much of his life in his dad’s barbershop, so he knows a thing or two about hair. The brand proudly designs, formulates, and makes all their products in Australia, and they even have their own barbershop in Byron Bay. Jack The Snipper’s pomades are free from SLS, parabens, and phosphates, but do contain ingredients that’ll keep locks looking and feeling good. Try their Matte Pomade for an easy to use styling product with a strong hold.

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