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Bye bye beard. Hello Jetstar magazine.

Here's a nice little interview in Jetstar's in-flight magazine, all about Beards. Written by Peter Barrett, based on an interview Paul Macnamara, founder of Jack the Snipper in Byron Bay. 



Fuzz has officially fizzed. It's time to go back to bare. In case you haven't noticed, the hipster beard is over.

Not only have we reached “peak beard” (according to University of NSW researchers in The Guardian Australia) but noted pin-ups such as model Joel Alexander (@hahajoel on Instagram) and David Beckham have publicly given their bristles the brush.

Granted it may all be a shaving product conspiracy, but the fashion gods have spoken so maybe it’s time to let your furry friend go.

Before you do, here are a few things to consider.

First of all, trim with a pair of clippers, down as close to the skin or as short as you can,” says owner of Byron Bay barber and product range Jack the Snipper, Paul Macnamara. 
Then you’ll need to soften the bristles with a towel soaked in hot water, which also opens up your pores.
Take a clean razor, shaved foam, shave oil (Macnamara’s preference) or shaving cream and always shave with the grain (the same direction the hair follicles grow).
If you shave against the grain, you are more likely to cause irritation and get razor rash,” he says.
To finish, rinse thoroughly with cold water to cool the skin and close the pores. Pat dry with a nice clean towel and apply your preferred shave balm or moisturiser.
If you have sensitive skin, aloe vera is a great natural coolant for the skin. If you are brave you can go for an alcohol-based aftershave splash _ and feel that tingle!
Of course, if you decide to keep your face fur, grab yourself a bottle of Jack’s Beard Oil here.

Words: Peter Barrett (Melbourne based freelance writer)
Originally published: Jetstar Australia Magazine 2015
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