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3 tips for a happier life

Contrary to what you might expect, we aren’t going to say: more money, bigger car, better clothes and awesome hair, although, those things might help.

These tips are a bit different than the usual suspects.

1. Work in a way to work out.

An excellent way to keep a positive attitude is to exercise. Not only does it get the endorphins going but it tends to shape the way we structure our life.

Instead of going to the pub for a few beers with your mates straight after work, maybe you meet them in the park and go for a jog.

You could join a local sports team, hit the Gym or F45 or even go to a Yoga class.

Whatever your thing is, make time for it, you will notice the difference almost immediately and feel so much better for it.

2. Check out, to check in.

We live in Byron Bay, known for some of the most spectacular beaches and National parks in Australia, so we don’t really suffer from this one too much.

But for those of you living in big, busy cities, surrounded by concrete, skyscrapers and cars, you might experience an overwhelming feeling of ‘busy’.

Busy surroundings, busy life, busy mind. We are so connected to everyone else and the outside world all the time, staring at our computers or phone for hours on end, sometimes we just need to check in with ourselves.

The solution can be as simple as getting some time surrounded by nature or green spaces. It has been said that:

“sitting on a bench in a small urban park, can have as profound an effect on your psychology as being immersed in a deep forest.”

3. Live right now

An excellent way to change the way we feel about the big things in life, is to start to notice the small things. For example, how amazing your dinner tastes, the changing colours of Autumn leaves or that lyrics to that song you love playing in your car as you drive to work.

Whatever the little things are for you, the more attention you start give to them, the more you will appreciate them and the better you will feel.

Because whether we like it of not, life is made up purely of all of these little moments strung together, and we can easily take them for granted.

So, when we start to pay attention to them, we are actually living our life and not just waiting for the next thing to happen.


And hair product. Everyone needs great hair product.


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