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3 great tips for getting older

The one thing we know for sure about life is, no one get's out alive. With that in mind, we fully encourage Aussie men to embrace who they are while they become a more mature, distinguished gentleman.

Here at Jack the Snipper Australia, we believe if you feel dressed, you feel great. So getting the clothes, the hair and the attitude right is easy. 

Here are 3 tips from us to help you embrace your age gracefully. 

1. The Outfit:

Forget current trends.

Throw away anything that is distressed, ripped or skin tight and stock up on staples.

You no longer have to be afraid of the white shirt, a tailored suit jacket or even rocking a cashmere jumper.

Leave the kids to their low-slung painted on jeans and fixed-gear bicycles.

Go for classics and don’t be afraid to add your own personal twist.

2. The Grooming Routine:

  • Keep your mane groomed: Even if it’s not as thick on top as it used to be, this will do wonders for your self-esteem. If you still have a full head of hair, you can afford to keep it a little looser on top. This gives you the option to leave it casual or comb it off to the side for special occasions. Keeping it high, tight and cropped, if you are getting a little thin on top.
  • Extraneous facial hair (Nose & Ears & Eyebrows): If they don’t do it already, always ask your Barber to keep your facial hair in check. You’ll be surprised how quickly they grow as you get older.
  • Use a good hair styling product: Do you know the best mens hair styling product for your hair type and style? If not, it’s high time you learn. Not only will you look good and feel dressed but you’ll feel great too!
  • Keep it clean: Gone are the days where you can get away with not washing you hair (or your sheets for that matter) for weeks on end. We recommend washing your hair 1-3 times a week, depending on what you do for a living. Use a shampoo that is right for you. If you have oily or dry hair, if you need a medicated shampoo for anti-dandruff, then get one. You’ll be a happier camper and so will your scalp.

3. The Attitude:

When we say this, we don’t mean getting on your high horse.
  • We mean keep fit, keep healthy and keep an open mind.
  • Get outside your comfort zone every week.
  • Get in the ocean or pool, even if it’s freezing.
  • Go to a yoga class, even if you’re not flexible. That doesn't matter.
  • Learn to cook something exotic, google is a great recipe book.

And just remember, the smile creases around your eyes say " I laugh in the face of danger and give dashing smiles away for free"


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